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We believe in giving back!
We were so happy when asked if we would be able to donate some of our time and our van to Baldwin Park Shelter to groom some very matted and deserving dogs.  It was a very exciting day for us and one very special poodle was adopted just minutes after we had groomed her. 

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What our Customers have to say

I have 4 cats and 2 dogs. We do get our dogs groomed, but never the cats. One of my cats is so old (19-ish) that she has stopped grooming herself. I was brushing when I could, but never enough to really keep up as she has long hair and low tolerance. I also thought she was getting arthritic because she seemed to be having trouble walking. I didn't want to stress her out by putting her in a carrier and taking her to a groomer, but I knew I needed help. Our own Julie's Baths, Clips and Dips Mobile Pet Grooming said she could come over and take care of the mats and help get her cleaned up. When she came over, she looked at the cat's paws and noticed that one of them was curled up and actually growing into the pad. I consider myself a very responsible pet owner, but somehow I missed this. I did not think it was going to be a good idea for her to go into the grooming van, I was afraid it would be too stressful. I was hoping Julie would do the grooming in the house. But she assured me she's done this before and all the cats lived. lol! She has such a great demeanor around animals, it was awesome. She finished, the cat has never looked so good, and the paw is on its way too better. This is not a young cat, so she sleeps a good part of the day. Today, she feels so good after her time w/Julie that she has been out all day long hoping for attention and pets. Anyway, we all take a lot of time to complain about the services in town that are not doing the right job... I wanted to take a minute to let everyone know what a fabulous experience we had today w/one of our own. Thank you, Julie!!!!!
Dana S.

Julie is the best and she is awesome ~ My babies are beautiful and so clean and happy. I will never go anywhere else again Julie you rock thank you xoxo.
Heidi G

Thank you Julie for the beautiful cut on Snooxey, he was a difficult boy I know.
He smells so good and his fur is sooooo soft. 
Lauri T.

My Charlie!!!! You did such a great job on him and his sister!!
Nancy D.

Thank you so much for making our Sadie beautiful today! What a wonderful experience she loved it ...

Julie is local and the best groomer ever! I highly recommend. You know you have an awesome groomer, when she comes over for a visit and not

even for a groom, and my littlest little wants to go home with her! Then tries to get in her car! The best that little doesn't like anyone, but she loves Julie!

Thank you for all you do and for truly caring for my ba

bies it's obvious you actually provide more than a groom and give them TLC ~ you rock! Thank you bunches xoxo.  Julie is amazing! She is a rescuer, a foster of rescues, and is currently making throw away animal beds for the shelters.
Heidi G

My IMPOSSIBILY stinky dogs comes home fresh, spanky and groomed to perfection!  Julie LOVES dogs and mine LOVE her!  Thank you SOOOO much, Julie!  Wookie says, Thank You, too! He no longer smells like the inside of a vacuum bag and no longer looks like Cousin Itt!!!!

Wonderful, kind folks! Harriet was so happy she clearly had a great time at her bath. She has special needs (spinal issues and arthritis) and I was never worried about her for a minute, I knew she was in perfect hands. If you can get an appointment you are lucky! Worth every penny.

Julie and Gary are so loving with their 4 legged clients and incredibly skilled at what they do. I am so grateful for the convenience they provide becoming to the house. Their mobile spa has everything a dog could ever want, including a/c and opera music. My husband even said, "Hey, sign me up!" Our dogs strutted their stuff after their appointment after being deshedded, groomed, and pampered. If you want the best with greatest of ease, please consider them. 

Julie is a miracle worker. She made my scruffy little dog beautiful today. First time she has been to a groomer. A lot less stressful for her not having to be caged and wait her turn. Thanks Julie!

When you hand your baby over to someone to groom them one can only hope the Groomer is as nice as Julie! Thanks for taking such good care of our little "Sparkle." She's sparkling and smells wonderful!!

Julie is absolutely the best!! After moving back to Cali from Seattle, it took me several tries and months to find a groomer I liked and fully trust. Now I won't go to anyone else. Thanks Julie!!

Julie's is fantastic! My Beagle and kitty were taken such good care of and smelled so incredible after! My kids loved the extra touch of the bows that made our fur babies look extra special!!
Thank you!

We just had our senior Schnauzer groomed By Julie.
Everything went brilliantly and we are really happy with how things turned out.
Collette is a very wriggly , special needs old girl and she was catered for and treated with real care while she was groomed.
We are very grateful and extremely impressed with the care and quality of work that Julie gave our Collette.


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